Interested in making an offering for Holy Week? We will need donors for all of our typical Holy Week items such as palms, flowers, wine, incense, oil, candles, and much more. For your convenience, this year we will be accepting those offerings online. Please use this form to submit your offering. Thank you! 

Now you can register to offer your holy oblation online!

Please fill out the form completely and check spelling carefully. When appropriate, please use baptismal or full names (i.e. Thomas instead of Tom, etc.) If you need someone to make Holy Bread or Kolyva (wheat for the memorial), please make a minimum payment of $20 (for each), which does not go to the Church, but rather to the person making the bread. If you have worked something out with the person making your Holy Bread or Kolyva, you can click “No” to the question if you need someone to make it for you.

To better minister to you, we would like each family fill out a parish census  We will use this information to share news, let you know about new programs and services, and for pastoral visits. This form should be completed by anyone who attends our parish, or feels part of this community. This information will be private and will only be used by the church staff. The Family Unit should be a husband, wife, and children. Children who are still in college can be added to your form but college graduates or children who are married should complete their own census.