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On The Samaritan Woman

March 21, 2021/

The dialogue between Christ and the Samaritan woman in John 4 is the longest recorded dialogue between Christ and anyone else recorded in the page of…

Orthodox Christmas in America

December 21, 2019/

As we have now moved past the Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas is well on its way. Of course, as Orthodox Christians, we know that we celebrate Christmas…

On Weddings

September 21, 2019/

Many little girls dream of having a fairytale wedding – whatever that may look like in their mind. Some dream of getting married in a cathedral,…

Raising a Godly Family

July 21, 2019/

School has begun and along with that, homework, after school activities, fall sports, music lessons, and the list goes on. We want our children to get…

"All of creation is a burning bush of God's energies."
Saint Gregory Palamas