Introduction to Biblical Greek

Knowledge of Biblical Greek allows us to engage with the Scriptures, both the Old
and New Testaments, as well as with the works of many of the Church Fathers in a
more profound way. It allows us to read the words of our Lord without the need for
an interlocutor, whose translations may be faulty or even biased. This is a great
boon to our spiritual life, as well as to our understanding of theology.
In this vein, St. George Cathedral will be offering a course in Biblical Greek,
staring on January 16 th on Mondays from 4-6 p.m.

Course Information: This course will begin with the fundamentals of Greek
grammar. It will focus on creating translation fluency in the student, particularly
focused on the literature of the Scriptures and the Early Church.

Book: We will be using Zondervan’s Biblical Greek

Homework: Please plan on spending at least half an hour to an hour a day outside of class
working on vocabulary memorization and grammar/reading exercises.

Instructor: Dr. Nicholas Newman holds a Ph.D. in Ancient Greek Literature as well
as an MA in Ancient Greek Literature and Linguistics, Latin Literature, and
Medieval History from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. He has taught Latin
and Greek at all levels, from the Elementary School to the College classroom. He
has two published monographs, as well as twenty published articles in the areas of
Ancient Greek literature, theology, and Medieval philosophy.

"All of creation is a burning bush of God's energies."
Saint Gregory Palamas